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Start of coaching 2024

23. tammik. 2024

It's been a very busy start for the year 2024 with coaching drivers. I'm grateful for all the drivers I'm working with who recognize that my coaching works and improves their driving and notes.

Last week I worked with Tomas 3 days in Snowrallyrings in perfect winter conditions. We worked with notes, setup and driving, making a really good progress.

Coaching works when you understand that it's not only a one time occasion, but when done many times, it starts to really deliver results and return the money and time invested.

Coaching and driving is my passion and luckily I still have the chance to drive myself. It helps a lot with understanding and improving the driving with the cars we work with. It is important to keep up with the feeling of driving so I can deliver my A game coaching for the drivers I get to coach.

My way of working is always very honest, no bs, cause I think that's the only way to work and to get the wanted results. I really care for every drivers/codrivers improvement. Not only for the coaching sessions but for a long run driving.

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