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Mini T1+ Dakar

15. syysk. 2023

It was a new experience for me. To work with Michal and to drive this amazing car. We did really good work during the two days. We had planned three days but some technical issues forced us to stop earlier. First day we started to work on the setup as it was quite far from ideal. We made big changes to clicks and the car changed completely. Suddenly we had traction, car was not moving around, reacted to steering and overall was just very easy to drive.

Next step was to start improving Michals driving and it was great to realize that we communicated really well together and even if I had to speak german, the instructions that I gave were easy for him to understand. As a side note, I speak fluent German.

We drove nearly 600km during these two days and have already planned the next steps for coaching and improving both driving and setup further.

This was not the first time for me to coach these kind of cars. I have to say that this gave me also many new tools for my coaching as I now understand this sport much better.

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