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Long time Dream comes true

21. maalisk. 2024


A long time dream of mine coming true. My first cooperation is in motion. Kristian Sohlberg Coaching and Sander Parn join forces!

Im very happy to get Sander in my coaching team. I have worked alone for 11yrs, but resently it has got to a point were I just could not do it alone anymore. I know Sander from his driving career and also from coaching drivers, he's a very fast driver that was unlucky in his career, mutual to my career actually.

We share the same passion and same interest for teaching drivers becoming better in their driving overall. In my coaching motives it all starts with 100% honesty, the feedback (good or bad) is always honest as this is the only way to teach in my opinion, no nice stories and back tabs only. The ability to teach drivers what and how - aiming to get better. I always build a coaching relationship that is more like a friendship instead of one way coaching.

Im really looking forward to grow the driver base and get great results with the drivers we work with.

Sander will start working for Kristian Sohlberg Coaching this month and we are both very excited about the future of rally coaching. We aim for a high quality coaching that improves our clients overall driving skills, the mental aspects of what the sport requires and the skills that you can strenghten through consistent training and active listening on each drivers personal needs in rallying.

Sanders comments:

"It’s good to start cooperation with Kristian Sohlberg as he is a very experienced rallycoach and has many contacts around the world. Kristian contacted me end of last year, asking my interest for coaching, as his driver base has grown through the years to a point were he needed help. We can surely learn from each other, but Kristian has lot more experience. We have been both good drivers in our career (both in World Rally Championship level) and we both have a lot to give to our students.

The first testing day with 14-year old Piotrek from Poland went really well and it’s interesting and new experience for me to coach a driver in Rallycross Championship in Poland!"

Let's go!

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