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I sincerely thank all the drivers whom I had the privlidge to work 2023

31. jouluk. 2023

It’s been a year of huge emotions. My driver achieved great results in their championships that the took part. I had new customers from Peru and Ecuador. During this year I coached more than 20 different drivers. Its a huge number and gives me lots of strength and motivation to continue developing my system of and way of coaching, trying to expand my company in 2024. There was also massive tragedy in this year. We lost a great rally persons. Miroslav whom I just got to know and start to work with lost his life in a tragic crash during our training. It will always stay as a mystery what really happened. RIP Miroslav.

Rallyworld one of its biggest personalities in Craig Breen. He was an inspiration to many, a good friend, his absolute love for rallying and motorsport in general, his attitude towards life and driving. I was in Croatia at the time coaching. Could not believe it then and still find it hard to believe. We lost a great great person. We met last time in Mexico, in a restaurant and the last words were, that we will see in Croatia and how much he was looking forward to the rally on the weekend in home. Craig is gone but never forgotten, his legacy lives always.

There were lots of emotions, thats what life is all about.

Im grateful to be able to live my dream in the sport that is my absolute passion.

I look forward to 2024 and the new challenges ahead.

I wish you all a successful, happy and healthy year 2024.


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