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Coaching in Poland 16-21.3

21. maalisk. 2024

Great coaching days in Poland done. I worked 2 days with Michal in his amazing MiniT1+ in Drwasko and 2.5 days with @piotrek_maluszynski in Warsaw @autodrom.slomczyn racetrack.

With Michal we first worked with setup of the car and then focused in his driving. We have done now 10 days in total and the improvement in his driving and car setup is huge. Really amazed how he has improved.

Piotrek is 14yrs old super talent. In winter he drove few days in Finland with his crosscart and properly here on a track for the first time. He has got strong karting background but rally is the future sport for him, and this is what we are now working towards. Its amazing how quickly these youngsters learn and adapt to changes made. We had all possible conditions which was ideal for learning.

Im more than happy in the progress of both drivers and future is looking very bright.

Ps. Stay tunes for some interesting news!

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