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8. huhtik. 2024

First time coaching in Mexico

Isak Hatanmaa

21. maalisk. 2024

Long time Dream comes true

Isak Hatanmaa


Driver Coaching

Driver coaching

- Sitting with the driver in the car, giving tips about how to improve driving overall, by concentrating in the rally type of driving which is 95% of the whole day, to see why we improve driving or the setup

- Analyzing videos to pin point areas to work on​

- Using data to show driver comparison on runs​, breaking, corners, exits. How to get the best result and why it's important.

- Being in the car with the driver is the only way for me to really be able to teach a driver, show the  areas we need to focus on and together see the results.


- How to make notes the correct way. The base is always the drivers current system that we might modify or even make a totally new system.

- 100% descriptive notes with additional words used to describe the road and corners more in detail, to give all the necessary information. Consistant angles, distance of corners and distance from corner to next are the key points.

- Languages for notes: Finnish, English, German. Language is not a factor in anyway.



- Mental coaching before and during the rallies

- Here I do things a little differently with every driver because everyone is a unique personality with different approachies and techniques that work individually

- Mental coaching and awareness is a really big part of the driving and handling e.g the pressures, disappointments, expectations and everything that is included in this profession - this part is very important to get the best results with ease and clarity

Drivers I have coached

Gus Greensmith, Sami Pajari, Teemu Asunmaa, Lauri Joona, Julius Tannert, Tomas Smagarys, Joonas Ojala, Isak Hatanmaa, Lauri Halonen, Toni Herranen, Kai Ahola, Pekka Vihma, Tuomas  Välilä, Piotr Parys, Michal Jankowski, Adrian Chwietczuk, Richard Palomino and many others. During the 10 yrs of my coaching career I have worked with over 50 drivers around the world.

Gus Greensmith
Kristian Sohlberg


I've been a professional rally driver for 20+ years and active years were between 1997 and 2014. I competed in WRC in over 30 rallies and my best result in PWRC was 2002, finishing second in the Championship. I was also Mitsubishi's factory driver between  2003-2005 and my best result in WRC rally was 6th overall in Sardegna 2006.


During and after my active career I still drive constantly with different cars in coaching sessions to have the latest information about current cars and setups. Motorsport has always been my passion and to be able to work in the sport, teach drivers and co-drivers to become better in their level and see the results is such a great feeling. To see what we can do together with the drivers and how different persons have different strenghts and challenges is something that keeps motivating and fascinating me. After my active career which ended too soon, it was clear in my mind that I want to be in the sport and coaching seemed the right way. I started coaching in 2013 and since then I have worked with over 50 drivers. 

I have worked with drivers that have become National, European and World Champions over the last 10 years. Coaching is an ongoing process, where the progression is sometimes slow, sometimes faster and sometimes variable depending what we are working on. I always give my undivided attention to every driver and through listening, observing and analyzing we get the best results in every area - physically, mentally and technically.

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